Cake in Jar. Mini size, bold taste. No BS.

Bright Shortberry

Fluffy, rich, and creamy yet bright and refreshing at the same time. Meant to be our twist on the mainstream ‘Strawberry Shortcake.’ Our homemade strawberry sauce will do the heavy lifting to cheer up your day. 


From bottom to top: buttery crumble, vanilla, light sponge cake, light cream, and homemade strawberry sauce.

69,000 IDR

The Mini Chocoreo

Simply said, balance of finest Belgian dark chocolate from Callebaut cheesecake, perfectly combined with the mighty: Oreo.  A pinch of bitterness is guaranteed in this jar. 


PS: It’s also available in the whole cake version, click here to check it out.

69,000 IDR

Miss-You Tiramisu

While the literal meaning of Tiramisu means ‘Pick-Me-Up’ the rhymes remind me of the phrase ‘miss you’ that has often been used to tell your loved ones. The only classic menu on our list!


From bottom-to-top: Savoiardi biscuits, freshly pulled espresso shot, Kahlua coffee liquor, and classic Tiramisu cream.

79,000 IDR

Durian Avocake

Some will (definitely) hate it, but as proud Indonesian, we genuinely believe the raving fans will do the justice to protect the boldness of Durian taste, combined with the richness of a light avocado ganache. My goodness!

From bottom-to-top: light vanilla sponge, durian pastry cream with real durian flesh, avocado light ganache, and toasted coconut on top. 

79,000 IDR

Mini Strawberry Bomb

Meant to be the ‘mini’ version of our best-selling cheesecake: Strawberry Bomb. It is the core idea of ‘no-boring-cake’, highlighting the freshness burst from our homemade strawberry compote.


From bottom-to-top: light strawberry sponge, real strawberry cheesecake with real strawberry compote, and fromage cheesecake.

79,000 IDR

Behind TANA Bakes

Little treat after a noteworthy achievement, definitely a time for cake. A good cake will lighten up your tension even on a bad day. Whether it’s a ‘me-time’ or ‘we-time’ – the team here at TANA Bakes is more than happy to deliver you the much-needed endorphin experience. 

TANA Bakes aims for excellence in crafting quality cakes and desserts to accompany you along a gratifying journey of taste. Every purchase is a new spark for our little family here to make a life worth living. 

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